Pine Game Arcade

Pine Game Arcade - 松電子遊戯中央
LocationGolden Quarter, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Building TypeArcade
Known WorkersShikai Jin
Enhao Jin
Gangfang Lin

Pine Game Arcade (松電子遊戯中央) is a large video game arcade which takes up several floors. All games here cost $5 per credit and there are two capsule toy machines near the front - SEGA Collection and Virtua Fighter II. There is also a Jukebox here on the 2nd floor.

The games available are:


[edit] Gambling

There are a couple of gambling opportunities at the Pine Game Arcade:

[edit] Darts 7

Darts 7 can be played against the following opponents.

Player Locations Bet Score Average
Chengyou Wen Pine Game Arcade $30 N/A
Fenglin Xuan Pine Game Arcade $5 100 points

[edit] Street Fights

To access the Street Fights a certain set of conditions must first be met which are detailed on the opponents profile pages.

Opponent Location Bet
Eileen M. Edelweiss Pine Game Arcade (3F) $20
Izumi Takano Pine Game Arcade (3F) $20

[edit] Slot Machines

The entirety of the second floor of the building is dedicated to Slot Machines.

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