Ren Dan

Ren Dan - 丹仁
Blood TypeB
D.O.B.29th April 1938
Appears inShenmue II

Ren Dan (Chinese: 丹仁) is the owner of the Come Over Guest House, found in the Green Market Quarter of Wan Chai. He can be found in the downstairs reception of the guest house, usually reading a newspaper and listening to the radio.

For some reason, he was reluctant to rent a room to Ryo at first, despite having available rooms for him. But, when Ryo mentioned Joy's name, he gave Ryo a room at a discounted price and allowed him to keep a tab of his owed rent. Whilst it is not detailed, Ren is also familiar with Wong as it is Wong that sends Ryo to him when he is searching for the Yan Tin Apartments, claiming that Ren knows a lot.

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