Ren of Heavens

Ren of Heavens - 刃武鷹
Blood TypeAB
D.O.B.4th December 1967
Appears inShenmue II

Ren of Heavens, also less commonly known as Ren Wuying (Mandarin Chinese: 刃武鷹 Rèn Wǔyīng), is the leader of the notorious Heavens gang that operates in Aberdeen, calling the Beverly Hills Wharf as their own territory. The gang usually takes part in petty crimes around the harbour and is well-known in the area. Ren is driven by money and is good at gambling. Often Ren will look down on Ryo, calling him "kid" despite only being one year older than him. Ren is also involved in a rivalry with Dou Niu and his Yellow Heads gang that operates in Kowloon. Joy also is good friends with Ren, as well as the rest of the Heavens.


[edit] Aberdeen

Ryo first comes into contact with Ren after being told to find him, because Ren knows where Yuandha Zhu is. After paying him $500, Ren agrees to meet with Ryo although goes for him with his knife, however Ryo stops him before he comes to any harm. Seeing that Ryo is serious he agrees to show Ryo where Yuanda Zhu is and leads him off to one of the warehouses in the area where some kind of deal is going down. However, this was a set-up by Ren who turns out the lights and steals all the money being exchanged for the deal, leaving Ryo to fend for himself against the dealers, one of which we later learn is Yuan. Thinking that is the last he will see of him, Ren heads back to Pigeon Park to meet up with Larry, Sam and Cool Z but is soon tracked down by Ryo again. Ren agrees to tell him where Yuanda Zhu is this time, providing he can catch him and runs off. Naturally, Ryo gives chase and follows Ren into the Lucky Plaza, a building under construction on Queen's Street. Ren is chased all the way to the roof despite many attempts to slow Ryo down by kicking over debris and the like, he starts to climb back down the scaffolding, thinking Ryo won't follow. However, Ryo does and the added weight causes the scaffolding to collapse, sending them both onto the back of a covered van beneath them below on the ground. It's here that whilst they catch their breath that Ren spots the Phoenix Mirror that fell out of Ryo's pocket during the fall. After hearing Ryo's story about how he is after LanDi, whom Ren recognises as a Chi You Men member, he becomes a lot more interested in helping Ryo, thinking there must be a lot of money tied up in whatever is going on. He leaves telling Ryo that Yuanda Zhu is in Kowloon and to meet him there.

[edit] Kowloon

Ren, along with Cool Z, arrive in Kowloon sometime before Ryo does, waiting at his hideout on Dragon Street. They head out first to visit Yang, whom Ren says used to work for Yuanda Zhu, and he arranges a meeting for them with Yuanda Zhu in the Dancing Dragon Building. However, the meeting was a set-up and the pair are lead straight into the hands of Dou Niu. Unable to escape the two are handcuffed together and locked up inside a little room. Two days pass and they make their move to escape, Ryo feigns illness to get the guard to open the door, allowing them to force their way out and make a run for it. The building is crawling with guards so they are forced to hide out on the roof until the morning when the search for them would have cooled off. The next morning they make their next run to escape, however they are pursued by Dou Niu himself, forcing the two into a dead-end with their only means of escape being jumping off the broken fire-escape onto the roof of the neighbouring building. Having no other alternative, they make the jump and get away safely and head back to the hideout. Being both handcuffed together they call for Wong who is especially good at picking locks.

Once Wong arrives he separates the two of them, during this time Joy has also arrived in Kowloon to check up on them, and give Ryo and earful for not saying goodbye. Next they head back to Yang to interrogate him on what happened, but this leads them nowhere. Knowing that the Yellow Heads are involved somehow they check out the Yellow Head Building but there's no way inside. With little other leads they use the Chawan Sign to make contact with associates of Yuanda Zhu and get a new lead. Ren sits this section out and waits for Ryo to turn up new information, soon leading them to a secret entrance to the Yellow Head Building via a network of sewer tunnels. Ryo and Ren head into the building and work their way up, trying to avoid detection, this only holds out for so long as their presence is made known, causing the two to go on the run. Eventually they learn where Yuanda Zhu is being held, up on the 40th floor, so Ren tells Ryo to go whilst he holds back the Yellow Head gang members that have been tailing them. Later on, Ren meets up with Ryo, Wong and Joy who are all on the roof where Dou Niu is trying to deliver Yuanda Zhu to LanDi via helicopter. Due to everyone's meddling this doesn't go to plan, with Ryo dealing with Dou Niu, whilst Ren fights off the various other members. With Dou Niu defeated and Yuanda Zhu rescued, they all head back to Ren's Hideout where Yuanda Zhu explains all that he knows about what is going on with LanDi, Iwao and the mirrors. With Ryo's next destination being Guilin, Ren opts to stay behind.

[edit] Extra Scenes

There are also some additional scenes with Ren that aren't necessary to finish the game, thus can be easily missed, listed below.

[edit] Make Ren ring the bell

When Ryo and Ren arrive in Yang's place to inquire at Yuanda Zhu once you first arrive in Kowloon, if you wait long enough, Ren will get annoyed with Ryo and ring the bell himself.

[edit] Talking to Ren about Joy

Once Ryo and Ren have escaped the Dancing Dragon Building and are on your way with Ren to see Yang, keep talking to Ren on the way. If you keep talking to Ren you'll have an interesting and amusing conversation about Joy.

[edit] Name issues

In the English-language version of the series, Ren of Heavens and other Hong Konger characters have a Mandarin-sounding name despite being Hong Kong a predominantly Cantonese-speaking territory. In the original Japanese-version, Ren and other characters have a Mandarinized name while others have a Japanised one. Japanese often use their own on'yomi (Sino-Japanese) spelling on Chinese personal names and also use an approximation of the Chinese pronunciation of same names (with the Japanese phonetical limitations). For instance, Ren's original Japanese version's name is approximated as Ren Ūin while Xiuying Hong (Hóng Xiùyīng in the Chinese naming order custom with the family name in first place) is read in the Japanese version Kō Shūei which is the Japanese on'yomi reading of the same kanji.

Can also be noted that contrary to the majority of the names of the Chinese characters in the English-language version, Rèn Wǔyīng is according to the Chinese naming order being 刃 (Mandarin: Rèn; Cantonese: Yan) the family name and 武鷹 (Mandarin: Wǔyīng; Cantonese: Mouying) the given name.

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