Rooftop Fight

Rooftop Fight - 闘屋上
LocationWorker's Pier, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Building TypeGambling Spot
Known WorkersDukai Ouyang
Nadam Begue
Agon Girei
Uzun Temur

Rooftop Fight (Japanese: 闘屋上) is a secluded rooftop area around the back of the Worker's Pier where many closed and seemingly bankrupt businesses used to operate such as Kaiho Transport and Five Stars Corp. The area is now being used to host arm wrestling matches.

[edit] Gambling

Ryo can challenge any of the three wrestlers here:

[edit] Market Stands

There are also a couple of market stands located in this area:

Stand Owner Stand Name Wares Items for sale
Yan Wang Unnamed Watches None.
Sifen Ji Rooftop Fight Stand Mystery Boxes, Zippos Toy Capsule Boxes, Zippo Lighters
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