SEGA Saturn Shenmue

SEGA Saturn Shenmue
PlatformSEGA Saturn
Release datesCancelled
Originally Shenmue was in development for the SEGA Saturn, however was later halted at some unknown stage in favour of a SEGA Dreamcast release. Upon completion of Shenmue II, both Dreamcast and Xbox version, in the collection section you can view a movie showing clips of what the SEGA Saturn version of Shenmue looked like. These clips range from clips from Yokosuka all the way up to Ryo's meeting with Shenhua. As this is as far as the special extra shows you it could very well be possible that Saturn development got further than this, but it is not shown to us so as not to give future story elements away. It's thought that had the game been released on SEGA Saturn it would make use of the additional 4MB RAM card.

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