Setsu Abe

Setsu Abe - 阿部節
Height5' 1"
Blood TypeB
D.O.B.24th November 1911
FamilyHusband: Tomekichi Abe
Appears inShenmue I

Setsu Abe (Japanese: 阿部節) is an elderly woman who runs the Abe Store in Sakuragaoka, Yokosuka, and can always be found either in, or outside the store. She often teases Ryo, treating him like he is still a child.

Setsu used to live in Manchuria with her husband, Tomekichi, who worked as a school teacher during the pre-war occupation by the Japanese. During the war the two tried to return to Japan but during the confusion of the evacuation Setsu and Tomekichi got separated. Setsu made it to her home in Tokyo but found that her parents were missing and the family home had been burnt down. She then travelled to Yokosuka to Tomekichi's parents house who were also missing. However, the house still stood so she settled there, awaiting the return of her husband.

She converted the front of the house into the small sweet shop that it is today and has waited there for the past 40 years, but to this day her husband has never arrived. Each evening she prepares a meal for two in hope that he will eventually return. Unfortunately, over the past few years she has become a little senile with age.

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