Shenhua Ling

Shenhua Ling - 玲莎花
Blood TypeA
Appears inShenmue I (in dreams)
Shenmue II
Shenmue III

Shenhua Ling (玲莎花) is a young girl whom Ryo meets at Guilin on his way to Bailu Village. Ryo comes across her when Shenhua risks her life by jumping into a river to save her village's guardian, the white deer, who is struggling n the river currents. After Ryo rescues her from the river she offers to show Ryo the way to Bailu Village as it is near her house and along the 2 day trek across mountains and through the forests and rocky cliffs they get to know each other.

Shenhua is well versed with nature and has lived in Guilin her whole life. She also seems to have some mysterious powers that cannot be explained, and players from the original Shenmue I will recognize her as the girl who would sometimes appear in Ryo's dreams.

They soon arrive at Shenhua's house where she lives with her adoptive father. The next morning Ryo and Shenhua go to the stone pit where Shenhua's father is supposed to be working but they find he is missing. He has left behind a note and a sword and as they delve further into the cave they find he has carved two giant versions of the Dragon and Phoenix Mirrors onto the stone wall.

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