Shenmue I

PlatformSEGA Dreamcast
Playstation 4
Xbox One
Discs3 + 1 Passport disc
Chapters covered1
Release dates (DC)JPN December 29th 1999
US November 7th 2000
EU December 1st 2000
Release dates (PC/PS4/Xbox One)2018 (Shenmue I & II)


[edit] The Game

The first game in the series covers 3 discs and tells the first chapter of an originally suggested 16 chapters. The game takes place entirely in Yokosuka, Japan. Special editions of the game in Japan also came with the Shenmue Jukebox audio CD.

[edit] Passport Disc

The game also came with an additional "Passport disc" which had several online features which, as of April 1st 2002, have been discontinued. The features included being able to trade [Winning Can|winning cans]] and prizes for special toy capsules that could only be obtained in this method, adding your high scores from the mini games onto a worldwide leaderboard and receiving gameplay hints from Nozomi.

Offline the disc can still be used to view all cutscenes seen and music heard so far on your gamesave. Also there were extra movies with either Ryo, Nozomi, Shenhua, Chai, Xiuying Hong, Mark and Keizo Oishi explaining different gameplay aspects.

[edit] Plot Summary

On November 29th 1986, in a small town called Yamanose in Yokosuka, Japan, a mysterious man named LanDi arrives at the Hazuki Dojo. He demands that Iwao Hazuki hand over a mirror and accuses him of killing a man named Sunming Zhao, then kills Iwao, taking with him a mirror with a Dragon design. Iwao's son, Ryo, takes it upon himself to avenge his father's death and uncover the mysteries as to why he was killed, and what was so important about the Dragon Mirror.

With the help of Ryo's friends and people working in the nearby town Ryo is able to narrow down his search to the New Yokosuka Harbour District in Amihama. After receiving a letter addressed to his father in Chinese from a man named Yuandha Zhu, Ryo comes into contact with a man named Master Chen, and his son Guizhang. It's from him that Ryo learns of the existence of a second mirror which he later finds hidden in a secret basement of the Hazuki Dojo.

Still eager to find LanDi, Ryo gets a job working at the harbour as he hears a notorious gang called the Mad Angels operates in that area and are involved in Chinese black market deals. Ryo is certain that if he can make contact with this gang he can then learn more about LanDi's current location. Soon enough, he comes into contact with the gang and it's leader, Terry, although at the expense of putting Nozomi at risk. Terry and Ryo make a deal that if Ryo injures Guizhang enough to keep him out of their way, they will take Ryo to LanDi. Ryo agrees but doesn't intend to harm Guizhang, instead he explains his idea and tries to get him to feign defeat, but Terry takes advantage of the situation by trying to kill them both. Ryo and Guizhang are then forced to go up against the entire Mad Angels gang and eventually learn that LanDi has already left Japan for Hong Kong.

Ryo is still intent on pursuing LanDi and getting to Hong Kong so Master Chen offers his help. Whilst he does not know of Yuandha Zhu's whereabouts Master Chen gives Ryo the address of Lishao Tao, someone in Hong Kong he says can be trusted. Guizhang was also to accompany Ryo to Hong Kong but was injured at the last moment in a fight with Chai and is forced to wait behind until he heals. Ryo then heads out to Hong Kong alone...

[edit] Pre-release and Special Editions

[edit] Project Berkley

Project Berkley is the name of the Shenmue project before it became what it is today and was originally being developed as a Virtua Fighter RPG game.

[edit] SEGA Saturn Shenmue

SEGA Saturn Shenmue is the first version of the game, originally developed for the SEGA Saturn before development was shifted to the Dreamcast.

[edit] What's Shenmue

What's Shenmue is a demo version of the game released in Japan only which included a limited version of Dobuita to explore.

[edit] US Shenmue

US Shenmue is a Japan only version of the game which featured the English version of the game with Japanese subtitles.

[edit] Shenmue I & III

Shenmue I & II is a re-released version of the game, and it's sequel, for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

[edit] Box and Disc Scans

[edit] Japanese Scans

[edit] European Scans

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