Shenmue The Movie

Shenmue The Movie
DVD release dateJPN December 21st 2001

Shenmue The Movie details the first chapter of Shenmue using the cutscenes from the game, along with a few additional new sequences to tie things together. The movie was only released in Japan initially but with the arrival of Shenmue II on the Xbox saw the addition of the movie with the game. There are a few differences between the actual movie DVD and the Xbox bundled DVD. The movie DVD includes a choice between English or Japanese audio and includes some extras such as the Japanese trailer for the movie and perhaps most interesting an extra feature that shows Masaya Masukaze and Shou Hagiwara (the Japanese voice actors for Ryo Hazuki and Ren of Heavens) dressed as their character and running around Shanghai. The Xbox DVD simply includes the English version of the movie.

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