Shiro Kurita

Shiro Kurita - 栗田士郎
Height5' 6"
Blood TypeB
D.O.B.25th January 1961
Appears inShenmue I

Shiro Kurita (Japanese: 栗田士郎) comes from a rich family in Yokosuka, his father owning the Okayama Heights apartment building. When he graduated from junior high school he wanted to join the Japan Self-Defense Force but because his parents disapproved of this he reluctantly went to high school. After graduating, he tried to join the National Defense Force, but he was rejected twice. Giving up on his dream, he remained unemployed until persuaded by his parents to at least get a job for appearances sake. So Shiro opened up Kurita Military Surplus on Dobuita Street. The store is more of a hobby for him though, rather than a source of income, so he doesn't mind too much about the level of profit he is able to turn. He is very serious about the merchandise though, as a military enthusiast, he often takes long trips overseas to find new, authentic stock. Recently, he started to date Yuriko Kikuchi who works at Smiley Flower Shop, he hopes to settle down one day, but he isn't sure if he is quite ready yet to get married. He lives in apartment 102 of Okayama Heights.

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