Shuqin Zhang

Shuqin Zhang - 張書勤
Blood TypeA
D.O.B.8th November 1942
Appears inShenmue II

Shuqin Zhang (Chinese: 張書勤) is an aide of Yuanda Zhu's and gets into contact with Ryo after seeing his Chawan Sign in Wan Chai. The two meet at the Dou Jiang Diner later that night and Zhang reveals that whilst he works with Yuanda Zhu he has no idea of his current whereabouts as he has hidden himself from the Chi You Men. He does however impart some advice, that Ryo should go and find Ren of Heavens, the leader of the Heavens gang that operates in Aberdeen. Before they can get much further however their meeting is interrupted by Yellow Heads gang members, lead by Yuan, who make off with Zhang. Ryo goes to rescue him, and does so, unknowingly with the aid of Xiuying.

Later, Zhang follows Ryo to Kowloon to help in their investigations into Yuanda Zhu. However, because of his connection to Yuanda Zhu, he finds himself captured again by Yuan, leading Ren and Ryo to his rescue a second time. He spends the majority of the remaining time in Kowloon recovering from this ordeal, and, when Ryo rescues Yuanda Zhu and subsequently leaves for Guilin it's uncertain whether Zhang returns to Hong Kong island, or remains in Kowloon with Yuanda Zhu.

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