Slot House (Dobuita)

Slot House - スロットハウス
LocationDobuita, Yokosuka, Japan
Building TypeSlot House
Known WorkersTakafumi Mitsuzuka
Kirino Matsuyama
Opening Time10:00 AM
Closing TimeMidnight

The Slot House (Japanese: スロットハウス) is located in the bar area of Dobuita Street, Yokosuka and is one of the places Ryo can gamble. Whilst the slot house is owned by Takafumi Mitsuzuka, he leaves most of the daily running of the business to Kirino Matsuyama. Several of the locals can be seen gambling here. There are 1 token, 5 token, 10 token and 20 token machines and it costs ¥100 to buy 20 tokens.

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