Slot Machines

Slot Machines
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Shenmue II

[edit] Rules

To play you have to buy tokens, it costs $5 or ¥100 for 20 tokens, depending on whether you are in Hong Kong or Yokosuka. Using the tokens to bet you play on traditional fruit machines, having to match up a combination of symbols in a line. There are five lines to choose from, 3 horizontal and 2 diagonal, so you can bet 1 - 5 tokens per spin, 1 bet equalling 1 of the 5 lines. Prizes are awarded for collecting various amounts of total tokens and line combinations, you can't trade your tokens back in for money.

[edit] Locations

Slot machines can be found at:

[edit] Prizes

There are several unique prizes that can be won by playing the slot machines which form the Slot House collection set:

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