Sword Handguard

Sword Handguard
CollectionSpecial Items
GameShenmue I

The Sword Handguard is a Hazuki family heirloom which, prior to his death, Iwao Hazuki had given to Keizo Oishi of the Bunkado Antiques to polish and store. The heirloom is passed down between the Hazuki family members on their 18th birthday and has the Hazuki family crest on it. The crest itself is composed of a snow ring, two stars, and a sword.

After Ryo learns of the existence of the Phoenix Mirror which Iwao has hidden somewhere, Ine tells him that Iwao had something stored recently at the Bunkado Antiques. Ryo pays a visit but the item in storage turns out to be the sword handguard, rather than the mirror.

Together with a sword found in the Hazuki Dojo, the sword handguard form part of a key which opens up the secret entrance to a hidden basement underneath the Dojo.

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