I would like to mention that there is a contradiction in the naming of the character. As I noted in my previous edition as the user, at Shenmue's article of Japanese Wikipedia and other Japanese websites, LanDi's alternative name, Longsun Zhao, is written 趙蒼龍, which has the Mandarin Chinese reading Zhào Cānglóng (with the family name in first place following the Chinese naming custom). The last one is the official pinyin transcription and the former is an approximation through the English phonetics if the two charatcers of the given name were reversed (龍蒼 Lóngcāng [Longsun] instead of 蒼龍 Cānglóng) perhaps due to an error of the English-language version's translators. --Jilaer (talk) 04:36, 20 January 2013 (PST)