Tangchen Lu

Tangchen Lu - 呂唐臣
Height5' 10"
Blood TypeB
D.O.B.19th December 1950
Appears inShenmue I

Tangchen Lu (Chinese: 呂唐臣) is a Chinese man who is usually found standing outside Nagai Industries in Dobuita. 15 years ago he left Lushun, China, after he stowed away on a boat, so he is fluent in both Chinese and Japanese. In his past, he had connections to a Chinese cartel, but he couldn't agree with their ideals and ways of thinking as he believed they had no honour or rules. After he learnt about the Japanese concept of ninkyo-do, a form of Yakuza chivalry, he knew he had to join. So since then he has been trying to be accepted by Akira Nagai into their group, but has thus far been unsuccessful as he has no point of referral. He lives his life by two rules, that "Men should be strong" and that "Men should be patient". This is why, regardless or how long it takes, or whatever the weather is, he continues to remain standing outside Nagai Industries until he is accepted.

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