Tatsuya Yamamoto

Tatsuya Yamamoto - 山本達也
Height3' 11"
Blood TypeA
D.O.B.24th February 1979
Appears inShenmue I

Tatsuya Yamamoto (Japanese: 山本達也) is a young boy who is a fan of the toy capsule machines, even seeming to prefer collecting them to socialising and making friends. His parents are very strict with him and want him to study a lot which frustrates him and causes him to go out of the house most of the day and come back late, which just frustrates his parents further. Despite his love for the toy capsule machines, he can't buy many with his own money as he only gets a ¥500 a month allowance. So in order to collect the toys, he is often hanging around the machines at Abe Store, trying to convince Ryo or other adults he knows to buy them for him. He even tells Nozomi and Mayumi Mishima things like "Ryo said you are cute" in order to squeeze money out of them, but after Ryo found out, he scolded Tatsuya. Ryo understands Tatsuya a little though, as he too likes the machines and as a child he didn't get much pocket money either, so couldn't afford them.

Tatsuya is not related to Junko Yamamoto.

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