Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson
Height5' 10"
Blood TypeB
D.O.B.23rd November 1959
Appears inShenmue I

Tom Johnson (Katakana Japanization: トム・ジョンソン, Rōmaji: Tomu Jonson) is an American from New York who, after hitching hiking around the world, decided to remain living in Japan, as such his Japanese speech is a little broken. He runs a Hot Dog stand which can usually be found in Dobuita, but sometimes he sells them at the New Yokosuka Harbour District. He can always be seen dancing by his stand which he says is to attract customers. Tom and Ryo have been friends for a while so he is always willing to try and help him. Tom also has a girlfriend, Honey Jackson, who is also from America and helps him out at the hot dog stand. Her Japanese is better than Tom's, so she helps Tom by improving his speech. However, as Ryo is getting ready to leave Japan, Tom reveals that he is going back home to America.

On the day of Iwao's death, Tom had an encounter with LanDi as he sped through Dobuita in his black car, almost knocking over some of his customers. However the encounter did not get very far, as Tom explains he had "never seen such a cold stare".

[edit] Learn Tornado Kick

After you've been fired from your job at the harbour, go and see Tom during lunch where he's serving hot dogs in the harbour and he will teach Ryo this move.

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