Harbour Lounge

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Harbour Lounge - 港湾休憩所
LocationNew Yokosuka Harbour District, Yokosuka, Japan
Building TypeLounge and General Store
Known WorkersMari Yamashita
Opening Time8:00 AM
Closing Time10:00 PM

The Harbor Lounge (Japanese: 港湾休憩所) serves as an indoor area for the works to sit and relax. There are 2 arcade machines inside of the lounge : Neo Darts and Darts 7, and also 3 Toy Capsules machines: Exciting SEGA World, Car Toy Set and Harbour Set. There is also a Jukebox.

[edit] Tomato Convenience

There is also a small Tomato Convenience at the back of the lounge.

[edit] Items for sale

Item Price
Milk ¥100
Caramel ¥120
Chocolate ¥120
Potato Chips ¥120
AA Size Battery ¥150
C Size Battery ¥150
Canned Tuna ¥180
Antiquity Tree Cassette (13th December - 3rd April) ¥300
Be-Witch Cassette (20th December - 10th April) ¥300
Boz Nov Cassette (6th December - 27th March) ¥300
Dandy Old Man Cassette (20th December - 10th April) ¥300
Destiny Cassette (6th December - 27th April) ¥300
Feel Tired Song Cassette (20th December - 10th April) ¥300
Flower Girl Cassette (13th December - 3rd April) ¥300
GLYFADA Cassette (20th December - 10th April) ¥300
GoGo Cassette (27th December - 14th April) ¥300
Harbor Bar Cassette (20th December - 10th April) ¥300
Harbor Beats Cassette (13th December - 3rd April) ¥300
Hip De Hop Cassette (3rd December - 20th March) ¥300
Like a Feeling Cassette (3rd December - 20th March) ¥300
Linda Cassette (27th December - 14th April) ¥300
Liquor Cassette (6th December - 27th March) ¥300
NaNa Cassette (3rd December - 20th March) ¥300
Spider Cassette (3rd December - 20th March) ¥300
Strong Cassette (6th December - 27th March) ¥300
Y.A.D.A Cassette (27th December - 14th April) ¥300
Yokosuka Blues Cassette (27th December - 14th April) ¥300
Dried Fish ¥300
Sliced Fish ¥500

[edit] Gambling

Types of gambling available:

If you buy either the Chocolate, Caramel or Potato Chips, Ryo gets to try the raffle with the chance of winning rare toy capsules. Prizes are:

Prize Item
First Prize Cassette player (Black, Red or Silver)
Second Prize Hang-on
Space Harrier
Third Prize Final Take Off Cassette
Hang On Cassette
Magical Sound Shower Cassette
Space Harrier Cassette
Fourth Prize Forklift Red
Forklift Blue
Fifth Prize Random toy capsule
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