Tomi Maruyama

Tomi Maruyama - 丸山富
Height5' 2"
Blood TypeO
FamilyHusband: Joichi Maruyama
Son: Kyohei Maruyama
Appears inShenmue I

Tomi Maruyama (Japanese: 丸山富) is the manager and chef of Mayuyama Cafeteria in the Harbour Cafeteria, found at the New Yokosuka Harbour District. Originally from Tokyo, she and her husband started up the Marutomi Restaurant close to the Industrial Park of Kawasaki and were incredibly successful, particularly amongst the bachelors working at the local factories. However, three years ago Tomi's husband became ill and they were forced to close the restaurant despite it's success, and Tomi was forced to find another job so they could also support their young son. This is how she came to work at the harbour as one of the regulars at their restaurant before it closed was a chairman of the longshoreman's union who helped to assign her to working at the harbour lounge. The menu is regarded as, whilst low cost and filling, to not taste particular good due to it being quite bland due to the lack of salt used out of regard for the workers' health. But nonetheless Tomi is popular at the harbour because of her kind nature. Sadly, her son, Kyohei, died in accident last year and whenever she sees Ryo she is reminded of her son.

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