Toshiki Kagawa

Toshiki Kagawa - 香川俊樹
Height5' 8"
Blood TypeB
D.O.B.9th August 1954
Appears inShenmue I

Toshiki Kagawa (Japanese: 香川俊樹) is a senior member of Nagai Industries that operates on Dobuita Street. Whilst he isn't very strong physically, he has a a good mind and is the groups main source of gathering information. Due to his skills, Nagai Industries has escaped police raids several times and Akira Nagai himself escaped several attempts on his life by hitmen. Even Toya Hasegawa, Nagai's right-hand man, has to admit to Toshiki's skills being superior to his own. He has also been given the position of mentor to their new recruit, Kouji Hase. Toshiki is somewhat of a shut-in, and prefers to stay inside the Nagai Industries building. He even lives in the same building and has all his meals delivered.

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