Wise Men's Pawnshop

Wise Men's Pawnshop - 太老当舗
LocationWise Men's Quarter, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Building TypePawnshop
Known WorkersChaojian Chi

Wise Men's Pawnshop (太老当舗) is one of the many pawnshops all gathered in one corner of the quarter off the main street. The owner seems wary of one of this competitors, the owner of the Accounts Settled Pawnshop, and warns Ryo that they can't be trusted.

[edit] Buying Rates

Rate Item
$30 VF Set A
$30 VF Set B
$16 Akira
$16 Sarah
$16 Pai
$16 Jacky
$16 Lau
$16 Kage
$16 Wolf
$16 Jeffry
$20 VF Kids Set A
$20 VF Kids Set B
$50 VF Kids Set Silver
$60 Hang On
$40 Space Harrier
$120 VF Kids Team Set
$60 VF Kids Set Gold
$92 VF Set Silver
$132 VF Set Gold
$600 VF Collection
$280 VF Team Set
$30 SEGA Collection
$750 VF Completion
$25 VF2 1P Set
$25 VF2 2P Set
$115 VF2 Collection
$40 18 Wheeler Set
$40 Outtrigger Set
$14 Extras
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