Wong - ウォン
Blood TypeB
D.O.B.21st August 1973
Appears inShenmue II

Wong (Katakana: ウォン Uon), real name Xianweng Ni (Chinese: 倪賢翁), is a young boy who is also a member of the Heavens gang that operates in Aberdeen. To begin with, Wong tricks Ryo and steals his bag and money, but as time passes they become friends. He views Ren, and eventually Ryo, like a big brother and often helps them both. He is especially good at picking locks, but he was also quite interested in fishing at one point. It is unknown what has happened to Wong's family or whether he has just left them, but Wong lives seemingly alone on a boat near the Beverly Hills Wharf.


[edit] Aberdeen

As mentioned, Wong first meets Ryo when he first arrives in Aberdeen. He tricks Ryo into thinking Larry, Sam and Cool Z are after him, so Ryo acts to protect him, however, with Ryo's attention diverted, Wong nabs Ryo's bag and the group run off. Later, Ryo manages to catch up with Wong and get his bag back, however all the money has been spent by the others on gambling. In a way of apology, Wong helps Ryo by drawing him a map of how to get to Wan Chai.

A little time passes and Ryo meets Wong again after Ryo is lead into the Beverly Hills Wharf only to be surrounded by the Heavens gang and beaten up. The details aren't divulged but Ryo ends up waking up from his unconsciousness on Wong's boat out on the harbour by the Wharf. He explains to Ryo that to get into Beverly Hills Wharf he needs to show a lighter with a Heaven's insignia on it and gives him his own, Wong's face is well known so he doesn't need one to gain entry.

[edit] Kowloon

After Ren and Ryo have departed for Kowloon, Wong is called upon later to help unlock Ryo and Ren who had become handcuffed together. He sticks around after that and helps out with their investigations into finding Yuanda Zhu, eventually being of use again with his lock picking skill by opening a gate to the secret sewer tunnels that lead to the Yellow Head Building. At some point however, Wong is captured and sent to Dou Niu, who uses Wong as a hostage on the roof of the building, even dangling him over the side of the building. However he manages to escape under his own power by biting Dou Niu's arm, once he is safely away from the side of course. After the confrontation between Dou Niu, and the information from Yuanda Zhu, Ryo continues on his journey to Guilin, leaving Wong, and the others, behind.

[edit] Extra Scenes

There are also some additional scenes with Wong that aren't necessary to finish the game, thus can be easily missed, listed below.

[edit] Wong's Photo

Simply go inside the Big Catch Tackle Shop on Queen's Street when Ryo is trying to find out about Wong and the others after having his bag stolen and take a look at the photo board. The store owner, Mengyuan Zhong, will also tell you a little about Wong, as well as letting Ryo have his photo.

[edit] Side Story

Wong can be seen in volume 2, Ren & Wong, of the Shenmue Side Stories.

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