Xiaomei Ding

Xiaomei Ding - 丁小梅
Blood TypeA
D.O.B.12th August 1980
FamilyMother: Jiangyu Ding
Appears inShenmue II

Xiaomei Ding (Chinese: 丁小梅) is a young girl who befriends Ryo on the boat journey to Hong Kong. As seen in one of the unlockable comics during the boat journey, Xiaomei was kidnapped by Chai, who was previously assumed to have drowned in the sea, and used as bait to lure Ryo. Ryo gave chase and was able to defeat Chai and save Xiaomei from coming to any harm. Once Ryo arrives in Hong Kong, after he has his photo taken by a man at the harbour, Xiaomei's mother, Jiangyu, warns Ryo that the man will try and coerce him into buying the photo later, and thanks Ryo for helping her daughter.

Xiaomei is travelling with her mother to open up a shop, First Class Tailor, in Wan Chai. The shop can be found on Three Blades Street in the Lucky Charm Quarter and Ryo will be welcomed there any time he wants to ask for help. Xiaomei later tells Ryo that her father is on his way to come and join them and asks if he will come and meet him, but Ryo will always politely decline.

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