Xiuyu Xia

Xiuyu Xia - 夏秀玉
Height5' 1"
Blood TypeB
D.O.B.9th October 1926
FamilyHusband: Ong Xia
Son: Shunwen Xia
Grandson: Gaowen Xia
Appears inShenmue I

Xiuyu Xia (Chinese: 夏秀玉) is a Chinese woman living in Dobuita and is the owner of Russiya China Shop on Dobuita Street. She was born in Quan Zhou, Guangdong but moved to Hong Kong when she was a child with her family for her father's trading business. In keeping with her father's ideals, she was sent to England for schooling in order to receive a good education so that she could succeed in the business world. After the death of her older brother during the "Japan-China Incident", her father set about preparing his daughter for inheriting the family business and had her married to a young man who worked for him. They had a son and daughter and, at the age of 42, she moved to Japan with her son's family and set about entering the antiques business, eventually setting up the Russiya China Shop with her son. Her son and daughter-in-law currently live in America for business, so Xiuyu is looking after her grandson, Gaowen, whom she adores and tends to spoil. Xiuyu is skilled with languages and tutors Guangji Wang. She is familiar with difficult Chinese kanji, being able to translate the letter for Ryo that contained old, difficult and reversed characters.

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