Yayoi Arisugawa

Yayoi Arisugawa - 有栖川弥生
Height5' 2"
Blood TypeA
D.O.B.24th July 1969
Appears inShenmue I

Yayoi Arisugawa (Japanese: 有栖川弥生) is a high school student who can be seen walking her dog around the New Yokosuka Harbour District. She comes from a wealthy family living in Yokosuka and currently attends an all-girls Catholic high school. She has had a somewhat sheltered upbringing that has made her a little naive, but she is well-natured at heart. Recently she came across a young man in a leather jacket and has become infatuated with him ever since, and often finds herself wandering to Dobuita in hope that she might see him again.

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