Yuan - ユアン
Blood TypeAB
D.O.B.4th April 1962
Appears inShenmue II

Yuan (ユアン) is a high ranking member of the Yellow Heads gang that operates in Kowloon. It is likely that he is quite high up in rank within the gang due to his being in a relationship with Dou Niu, the gang's leader. He is somewhat eccentric and is easily recognizable in Kowloon due to his dress-sense, he also likes to collect knives and seems quite clumsy when flustered, particularly in his confrontations with Ryo and Ren. Yuan lives in an apartment in the Golden Flower Building in the Stand Quarter with his pet myna bird.

Yuan is first encountered in Wan Chai when the Yellow Heads kidnap Shuqin Zhang from the Dou Jiang Diner. The Yellow Heads, including Yuan, attempt to leave the area through the White Dynasty Quarter but are stopped by the combined efforts or Ryo and Xiuying Hong. Yuan is forced to flee this encounter.

Later on Ren tricks Ryo into following him into interrupting a deal between Yuan and Gangfang Lin in Aberdeen. Ren disrupts the meeting and flees with the money that was changing hands, leaving Ryo to deal with Yuan and the other Yellow Heads gang members that were accompanying him.

Once Ryo gets to Kowloon, they encounter Yuan numerous times in their attempts to get to Dou Niu and find Yuanda Zhu. He usually attacks them armed with weapons, such as a knife and even a chainsaw at one point.

[edit] Gender

In the original Japanese versions of Shenmue II, Yuan is male, but this was changed in the English language releases so that Yuan is referred to as female. Even in the European Dreamcast release of Shenmue II which contained the original Japanese audio, Yuan's lines were re-recorded with a female voice actor. The reason for this is not explained and open to speculation.

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