Yuanda Zhu

Yuandha Zhu - 朱元達
Blood TypeAB
Appears inShenmue II

Yuanda Zhu (朱元達) is the man who wrote the letter addressed to Iwao Hazuki near the beginning of the first game, warning him to "beware those who seek the mirror" and telling him if he ever needed help to seek the aid of Master Chen. The letter arrived too late and after Ryo gets the chance to read it he is determined to meet Yuanda Zhu, eventually travelling to Hong Kong under Master Chen's guidance.

He was the owner of a large company called Five Stars Corp in Aberdeen, a trading company that dealt particularly in antiques. Yuanda Zhu dealt with many members of the community in Aberdeen and Wan Chai, particularly the antique shops in the Wise Men's Quarter. But the company closed down suddenly and he vanished without a trace.

Yuanda Zhu had actually been in hiding as the Chi You Men were after him. Ryo eventually finds him in Kowloon but Yuanda Zhu is kidnapped by the Yellow Heads who have the intention of delivering him to LanDi. But this never comes to plan as he is eventually saved by Ryo.

Back at Ren's Hideout, Yuanda Zhu explains to Ryo that LanDi killed Iwao because he believed that Iwao killed his father, Sunming Zhao. He adds that Sunming Zhao was one of his best friends and he doesn't know if this is true that Iwao was responsible for his death, but does know that Zhao did die. Yuanda Zhu goes on to tell that the Dragon and Phoenix Mirrors, when put together, form a key, and that LanDi has now gone to Bailu Village in Guilin.

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