Yuji Hirano

Yuji Hirano - 平野優二
Height5' 9"
Blood TypeB
D.O.B.23rd April 1970
FamilyFather: Suguru Hirano
Sister: Minako Hirano
Appears inShenmue I

Yuji Hirano (Japanese: 平野優二) is a high school student living in Sakuragaoka who attends the same high school as Ryo, just a grade lower than him. He lives with his father and older sister and already he doesn't have very high expectations when it comes to women. This is due to the way his sister acts by changing her personality depending on whether she is with her family, or trying to impress men to get her own way. He is unsure of what to do with his future once he graduates from high school, thinking that college may be a waste of time after seeing how his sister rarely attends and just charms her way to get grades. He doesn't have any particular interests or hobbies, so he can usually be found at You Arcade on Dobuita Street in the evenings after school. He wishes that he could live his life more like Ryo's in that he has a firm objective and goal to work towards.

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