Zhoushan Xuan

Zhoushan Xuan - 玄周善
Blood TypeO
D.O.B.9th September 1918
Appears inShenmue II

Zhoushan Xuan (Chinese: 玄周善) is the master of the Guang Martial Arts School in the Green Market Quarter, Wan Chai and can always be found there overseeing his students training. He comes into contact with Ryo whilst Ryo is trying to find out information on the Wude and was recommended to seek him. However, Zhoushan is blaming himself over an incident involving one of his former students whom he expelled from his school. He claims that he has no business talking about Wude as he was powerless to guide even his own student and fears he has sent his student onto the wrong path and ruined his life.

Ryo decides to try and meet this student, who turns out to be a man named Zongquan Bai who is now performing martial arts for money in the Golden Shopping Mall close by in the Golden Quarter. Ryo returns to Zhoushan soon after with a letter from Zongquan, after Zhoushan has read the letter, Ryo asks it's meaning. He explains that his student says he has broken "Jie", but cannot give up tune nor fist, meaning that whilst he has fallen into the role of a street performer, he still walks the path of martial arts. He then tells Ryo what he originally came to ask for, that Jie is one of the Wude.

[edit] Learn Wild Throw

To learn Wild Throw just walk past the school any time before 7pm, after you have found the Wulinshu, but before you have stopped staying with Xiuying, and Zhoushan will instruct this move to Ryo.

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