Zhuyan Yong

Zhuyan Yong - 永著燕
Height5' 7"
Blood TypeA
D.O.B.18th October 1949
Appears inShenmue I

Zhuyan Yong (Chinese: 永著燕) is a Chinese man who came to Japan with his friend, Lixian Wu, to study under Gonghui Liu in order to become a tailor. However, he soon left the apprenticeship as he realised he wasn't skilled enough with his hands and also wasn't very good at saving his money. He then took up a job at a factory in order to make better money, Lixian also followed him and joined up at the same factory so the two continue to work together. Currently Zhuyan is trying to save enough money to send back to China so his parents and siblings can build a house, but he is still not very good at saving his money, often spending it on drinking with Lixian in the evenings in Dobuita. He originally estimated it would take three years to earn enough money, but with the way he spends his money he is now thinking about five years, although in reality it is closer to seven. He lives in apartment 102 of the Oiwa Apartments building in Dobuita, Lixian lives in the apartment next to his.

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