Ziming Hong

Ziming Hong (young)
FamilySister: Xiuying Hong
Appears inShenmue II (in flashbacks)

Ziming Hong (紅紫明) is Xiuying's older brother and they were both orphaned as children after their parents were murdered. Ziming swore revenge against the people that murdered his parents and left Xiuying despite her protests to not leave her alone. He goes to join the Chi You Men, saying that they will know who was responsible and that he will come back. He parts, leaving Xiuying with half of his yin yang stone, keeping the other half with him. Xiuying never saw Ziming again and she fears he has fallen onto the wrong path.

It is later seen in the bonus comics in the Xbox version of Shenmue II that Xiuying's fears have come to light as Ziming has joined the Chi You Men. It had often been speculated that Ziming had become one of the four leaders of the Chi You Men, alongside LanDi, Niao Sun, and an unknown 4th leader, however this was confirmed by Yu Suzuki in an interview in November 2014 that this is not the case.

Ziming is thought to be a powerful master of Baji style, the same fighting style he taught Xiuying when they were children. Whilst not much else is revealed in this comic, Ziming does still have his half of the stone in his possession. Logical speculation would suggest that Ryo will meet Ziming at some point along his journey and the other half of the stone he received from Xiuying will play a part in this confrontation.

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