Zizai Shou

Zizai Shou - 寿子在
Blood TypeO
D.O.B.8th August 1918
FamilyWife: Xiangtian Shou
Appears inShenmue II

Zizai Shou (Chinese: 寿子在) is a travelling musician who travels around with his wife, Xiangtian Shou, performing music for money. He, along with his wife, play the Chinese Fiddle and can be found in all three main locations in Hong Kong.

He can first be found at the port in Aberdeen during a cutscene when Ryo first arrives in Hong Kong, Bianfu Yu tells Ryo that donating money to the musicians will bring him good luck. If Ryo chooses to donate some money Zizai and Xiangtian will help Ryo with some directions.

After the closure of the Free Stay Lodge and port, Zizai and Xiangtian move to the Golden Shopping Mall in the Golden Quarter, Wan Chai, where they can be found playing music. Finally, once Ryo heads to Kowloon, Zizai can be found on Dragon Street running a vegetable stand.

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