Black Heaven Building


The Black Heaven Building (Chinese: 玄天楼) is located in the Stand Quarter and has 13 floors, with the middle section of most of the building blocked off as most of the floors are missing. The higher Ryo goes the louder he can hear shouts and voices. On the 12th floor there is access to a small area which leads to a street fight, but Ryo is only able to enter when he is given the 3 photos of people to fight against from the Yellow Head Scout. There is access to all floors by the stairs, and a lift which stops on floors 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13. Also there is access to the God of Wealth Building from floors 1 - 10, and access to the Golden Flower Building on all floors.

[edit] Gambling

[edit] Street Fights

Street fights are available at the following locations:

Opponent Location Bet
Chunyan Xu Black Heaven Bld (12F) $2000

[edit] Residents & Workers

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