Chaojian Chi

Chaojian Chi - 池朝建
Blood TypeAB
D.O.B.3rd March 1934
Appears inShenmue II

Chaojian Chi (Chinese: 池朝建) is the owner of Wise Men's Pawnshop, located in the Wise Men's Quarter. This is one of the many pawn shops in the area located off the main street, in a corner of the quarter nearby the many other pawnshops. He comments that his pawnshop is one of the most honest in the area and that the other pawnshops are not worth visiting.

Chaojian appears to have an opinion of all the other pawnshop owners in the area and attempts to discredit them so that his shop is the only one that seems worth visiting. He does not trust Nalan Mao, the owner of the Accounts Settled Pawnshop, and warns Ryo about her, saying that the nicer people act, the more wary you have to be. He describes Meiling Ting of the Centre Pawn Shop as a crazy stubborn-headed old woman, and Rentie Bai of the Lucky Pawn Shop as someone who spends more time telling fortunes than actually selling goods.

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