Chawan Sign Paper

Chawan Sign Paper
CollectionSpecial Items
GameShenmue II
AvailabilityPick Up

The Chawan Sign Paper is a piece of paper which Ryo finds inside the Wulinshu book which is kept inside the library behind Man Mo Temple. Ryo takes the piece of paper and attempts to discover its meaning as it is his only clue at that point relating to Yuanda Zhu, the author of the Wulinshu.

Ryo eventually discovers its meaning from Guixiang, who explains that the paper is a Chawan Sign a means of communicating in secret between members of the same martial arts school using tea cups. She explains the meaning behind the four characters:

  • 天 - Heaven, standing for time.
  • 龍 - Dragon, standing for actions.
  • 地 - Earth, standing for place.
  • 友 - Comrade, standing for person.

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