Dimsum Building


The Dimsum Building is located in the Dimsum Quarter and has 10 floors, all of which must be accessed from the stairs as there is no lift in this building. As the name indicates, the few shops that are in this building are all, but one, Dimsum restaurants. There is also access to the Tea Break Building and Dancing Dragon Building on all floors.


[edit] Shops

Name Type Floor
Kowloon Dimsum Restaurant 1F
Slot House K Slot House 1F
Min Min Dimsum Restaurant 6F
Spring and Autumn Dimsum Restaurant 6F

[edit] Gambling

[edit] Slot Houses

Slot Machines are available at the following locations:

[edit] Flower, Bird, Wind and Moon

Flower, Bird, Wind and Moon is available at the following locations:

Location Min. Bet Max. Bet Dealer
Dimsum Building (3F) $10 $100 Tianxu Luo
Dimsum Building (7F) $100 $500 Cheng Tao

[edit] Residents and Workers

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