Duck Racing

Duck Racing
Mini Game TypeGambling
GameShenmue II

The Duck Racing is a special gambling event which can only be unlocked by following a specific set of side-events.


[edit] How to unlock

In order to unlock the Duck Races, Ryo must following this sequence of events:

[edit] Obtaining your own racing duck

It is also possible for Ryo to have his own Duck which he can enter into the races. In order to get his own duck, Ryo must first unlock the Duck Races as detailed above and then follow the extra steps:

  • Place a winning bet on one of the ducks during the race (the duck has to come in first place).
  • Go to the yard behind the Man Mo Temple in the Scarlet Hills and examine the tree to do the Catching Leaves mini-game. Catch at least 2 leaves at once twice.
  • After catching at least 2 leaves at once twice, there will be a quack sound and a feather will fall amongst the leaves, catch the feather.
  • Ryo will spot a duck in the tree, choose the option to catch the duck.
  • Return to Izumi at the Tomato Convenience Store and go to the Duck Races with her, Ryo will now be able to enter the Duck into the race.

[edit] Rules

Initially all that Ryo can do is place bets on one of six ducks in the paddock. The skills of each duck can be examined by Ryo before he places a bet, they are given 3 ratings from A to D, or S to C in the Japanese version, based on their speed, stamina and "guts". Additionally, the skill sets are different for each race. Gangfang Lin, the bookie, displays the odds for each duck on a board. Each duck is identified by the colour of the bow tie around its neck.

If Ryo is entering his own duck, rather than just watching the race, the player has to control the duck. The duck has to be steered around the street and also the player must decide how much speed to use, using too much will deplete the duck's stamina until it can only move very slowly. Going slower will restore the stamina gauge. As the duck enters more races, its stats improve.

[edit] Locations

In order to play the Duck Races Ryo has to visit Izumi at the Tomato Convenience Store in the Golden Quarter of Wan Chai, she will then take Ryo to the Duck Races which take place in the Wise Men's Quarter.

[edit] Prizes

Ryo can bet between $20 and $1000 on the duck races, and the payout varies depending on the given odds for the duck Ryo has placed the bet on. If Ryo wins the race with his own duck he is awarded the Big Gold Medal.

[edit] Trivia

Occassionally, during the duck race when Ryo is racing his own duck, instead of the white ducks, Ryo will be racing against mallards and ducklings. Also, a penguin enters the race on rainy days.

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