Eileen M. Edelweiss

Eileen M. Edelweiss
Blood TypeO
D.O.B.29th July 1961
Appears inShenmue II

Eileen is a Canadian student living in Hong Kong. She is a good friend of Fangmei's and is grateful for her helping her to learn Chinese. Eileen is also versed in Martial Arts and can be sometimes seen practising Piguazhang-style in Pigeon Park on the Worker's Pier in Aberdeen and taking part in tournaments at the Pine Game Arcade in the Golden Quarter, Wan Chai. However, to even meet with Eileen, the player needs to start the Fangmei Birthday Event. When Eileen speaks, she sometimes speaks in English.

[edit] Extra Scenes

[edit] Fight against Eileen

The first thing to do is to meet both Eileen and Izumi. Izumi can be found working in the Tomato Convenience in the Golden Qtr, Wan Chai at all times. To meet Eileen however, the player needs to get Fangmei to like Ryo, which will "activate" Eileen and cause her to start appearing in Pigeon Park, Aberdeen. See Fangmei Birthday Event.

Once these two requirements have been met the next thing to do is to get the Big Bronze Medal, which can be found in the Vacant Lot in the Green Market Qtr, it's located down an alley behind the Green Market's Pawnshop. After completing these three things Ryo can fight Eileen and Izumi on the 3rd floor of the Pine Game Arcade, Golden Qtr. Eileen will be the first opponent, after defeating Eileen, Ryo will then be able to fight Izumi.

[edit] Meet Fangmei & Eileen in Aberdeen

Whilst Ryo is trying to perform the Chawan Sign, it's possible to meet Eileen and Fangmei out at the Blue Sky Beer Garden if Ryo performs the Chawan Sign there. However it's recommended to do this after completing the Birthday Event because it can lock them both to that location, meaning Fangmei won't appear at the Complete Clothier.

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