Etsuko Sekine

Etsuko Sekine - 関根エツ子
Height5' 3"cm
Blood TypeB
D.O.B.18th October 1959
Voice ActorRio Natsuki (Japanese)
Claire O'Connor (English)
Appears inShenmue I

Etsuko Sekine (Japanese: 関根エツ子) is an employee at Asia Travel Co. on Dobuita Street, working as a clerk despite applying for a job there as a tour conductor. Initially she was going to quit immediately, becoming upset and bitter that she wouldn't be travelling the world but over time she came to like her current role. After dropping out from a private all-girls high school Etsuko travelled alone to Tokyo with dreams of becoming a model. However, she was cheated out of all her money by a man pretending to be an agent, so she came back to Yokosuka completely broke 5 years later. Despite her current job she still has wasteful spending habits and has accrued large debts due to excessive spending on her credit cards.

Ryo meets Etsuko when he books a boat ticket to Hong Kong at the travel agency and it is implied that she later stole the cash he used to pay for the ticket. She is also Jimmy Yan's mistress.

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