Golden Quarter


The Golden Quarter (詠黄街) is a smaller quarter in Wan Chai with mostly expensive looking and Western-styled shops such as the several jewellers. A busy road runs down the middle of the quarter and there is also a shopping centre here. Behind the shopping mall though, are several closed clothing shops. The quarter has access to Green Market Quarter, White Dynasty Quarter and Lucky Charm Quarter.


[edit] Shops

[edit] Gambling

[edit] Darts 7

Darts 7 can be played at the following locations:

Location Player Bet Score Average
S.I.C. Pool Hall Baiyang Liu $50 400 points
Pine Game Arcade Chengyou Wen $30 N/A
Pine Game Arcade Fenglin Xuan $5 100 points

[edit] Slot Machines

Slot Machines are available at the following locations:

[edit] Street Fights

Street Fights in this area only open after meeting special requirements, please check the profile pages for Eileen and Izumi for information on these. The street fights are available at the following locations:

Opponent Location Bet
Eileen M. Edelweiss Pine Game Arcade (3F), Golden Qtr, Wan Chai $20
Izumi Takano Pine Game Arcade (3F), Golden Qtr, Wan Chai $20

[edit] Residents and Workers

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