Gonghui Liu

Gonghui Liu - 劉公恵
Height5' 1"
Blood TypeA
D.O.B.3rd October 1905
FamilySon: Jiyou Liu
Daughter-in-law: Enling Liu
Appears inShenmue I

Gonghui Liu (Chinese: 劉公恵) is an elderly Chinese man who lives in Sakuragaoka, and is originally from Shanghai, China. He moved to Japan to learn as an apprentice to become a tailor and built up a successful business after a few years. Eventually he retired at the age of 80 which was when he moved to Sakuragaoka, he lives alone although his son, Jiyou, did offer for him to live with him and his wife, but Gonghui refused as he wanted to stay independent. Jiyou, and his wife Enling, own the Liu Barber and Hair Salon in Dobuita.

During the winter, Gonghui falls ill with the flu and has to go to hospital, but he is later discharged. Everyday he goes for a walk around Dobuita and eats at Yamaji Soba Noodles. He can sometimes also be found sitting in Suzume Park. When Ryo is trying to find out information about LanDi, Gonghui tells him that gathering by his name that he must be involved with the Chinese Mafia.

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