Hanhui Liu

Hanhui Liu - 劉漢輝
Blood TypeAB
D.O.B.30th September 1943
Appears inShenmue II

Hanhui Liu (劉漢輝) is a monk who can often be seen at the Man Mo Temple in Wan Chai where he works. He is a serious man and versed in martial arts and often scolds the two temple attendants, Jiliang Chang and Shiquan Fu, for getting slack with their chores. Ryo first meets Hanhui when he finally locates the Man Mo Temple and mistakes him for the master of the temple, Lishao Tao, who he has come all this way to Hong Kong to meet. Once Ryo realises that the master is actually Xiuying, and she refuses to help him despite his letter of introduction, Hanhui helps Ryo out by telling him to research the four Wude, telling him that once he understands Wude, he will have his meeting with Xiuying. Hanhui continues to aid Ryo by imparting advice to him, trying to explain the reason for Xiuying's methods and helping Xiuying demonstrate new martial arts moves that she wants to pass onto Ryo.

[edit] Learn moves from Hanhui

Hanhui rewards Ryo whilst he is performing his service in moving books out of the temples library. Hanhui will pass on Diagonal Wipe, Horseshoe Kick and Mantis Combo if Ryo carries out more than 10 piles of books in one morning, and Lunging Strike for carrying all 14 piles out for 2 mornings in a row.

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