Hazuki Residence

Hazuki Residence
LocationYamanose, Yokosuka, Japan
Building TypeHouse and Dojo
Known ResidentsIwao Hazuki
Ryo Hazuki
Ine Hayata
Fukuhara Masayuki

The Hazuki Residence (芭月家) is where Ryo lived with his father, Ine-san and Fuku-san. There is also a large garden and the Dojo (芭月武館 Hazuki Bukan). As well as serving as the only save point in the game and Ryo's place to sleep at night there are quite a few items hidden within the Hazuki Residence.


[edit] Map

[edit] Items to be found

Item Room Location
Shenmue Cassette Ryo's Room On Ryo's desk
Cassette Player Ryo's Room In the top drawer of Ryo's desk
Ryo and Friends Photo Ryo's Room In the middle drawer of Ryo's desk
Sha Hua Cassette Ryo's Room In the bottom drawer of Ryo's desk
Shadow Reaper Move Scroll Fukuhara's Room On the desk
Ryo and Family Photo Ine's Room In the right drawer of the red desk
SEGA Saturn Main Room In the cupboard under the TV
C Size Battery Main Room In the top left drawer of cabinet
Milk Kitchen Inside the fridge
Dried Fish Kitchen On the worktop beside the sink
Candle Altar Room In the top right little drawer of the alter cabinet
Box of Matches Altar Room On the alter cabinet
Letter to Ryo Iwao's Room On the desk
Mysterious Key Iwao's Room In a box in the drawer of the desk
Twin Blades Move Scroll Hallway behind Iwao's Room and Altar Room In the laundry basket at the end of the hallway
Flashlight Entranceway Inside the left hand side of the cupboard that the phone sits on
Phone Directory Entranceway Inside the right hand side of the cupboard that the phone sits on
Sword with no handguard Hazuki Dojo Inside a box in on the floor that is unlocked with the Mysterious Key
Mysterious Scroll Hazuki Dojo Behind the "Principles of Yin and Yang" scroll
Slot in the wall Hazuki Dojo Behind the "Principles cannot be expressed only by words" wall scroll
Engraving on the wall Hazuki Dojo Behind the eagle wall scroll
White Leaf Hazuki Dojo (Basement) Inside a book
Stab Armor Hazuki Dojo (Basement) On top of some books

[edit] Trivia

  • Inside the Hazuki Dōjō there is written on a sign the martial arts concept "八陰八陽" (8 Yin 8 Yang), related to the way in which the force used can be Yin or can be Yang.

[edit] Gallery

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