The Heavens are a gang that operates in and around Aberdeen, specifically on the Beverly Hills Wharf which is their main base of operations, outsiders are not even allowed into this area of Aberdeen. A guard is always standing by the gate to the Beverley Hills Wharf to scare off anyone thinking of trying to get inside, to get inside members need to show the guard a special lighter that has the Heavens logo on it. They are well known in the area and not alot of people like to talk about them out loud.

The gang is lead by a young man commonly known as Ren of Heavens, although his full name is Ren Wuying. The gang itself seems to be made up of adolescents and young adults with their main activities being robberies, muggings, illegal drug sales, and various other petty crimes around Aberdeen, anything that adds to Ren's wealth as he is quite money driven. Also, the gang have some connection in Kowloon with Ren saying his "face is known" and himself being a rival of Dou Niu, the leader of the powerful Yellow Heads gang that operates in Kowloon. They also have a small base there, but apparently have no members active in Kowloon.

Ryo first comes into contact with the gang when four of its members, Larry, Sam, Cool Z and Wong, mug him shortly after his arrival in Aberdeen. He is later given Ren's name as someone to seek out who might have information on Yuanda Zhu, and after being persistent Ren agrees to go with him to Kowloon for his share of the treasure. Ren never finds his treasure and declines to go with Ryo to Guilin, and this is the last we have heard of the Heavens.

[edit] Heavens Members

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