Hisaka Sawano

Hisaka Sawano - 沢野ひさか
Height5' 3"
Blood TypeA
D.O.B.1st September 1962
FamilyMother: Kinuyo Sawano
Sister: Mai Sawano
Appears inShenmue I

Hisaka Sawano (Japanese: 沢野ひさか) is the manager of the Hokuhoku Lunches stand that operates at the New Yokosuka Harbour District after lending her time to her mother in running the family business. She started to work even whilst still attending high school due to the death of her father and her mother becoming ill from stress and overwork. As a result of her and her mother being constantly busy with the business her younger sister, Mai, has been feeling neglected and becoming a little bit of a delinquent, which Hisaka feels a little guilty over. She is also a childhood friend of Ryo's as she grew up in Dobuita, and is currently single although she has several admirers around Dobuita and the harbour. She lives with her mother and sister in apartment 201 of the Oiwa Apartments building on Dobuita Street.

Played by Cara Jones in the English version.

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