Junichiro Nemoto

Junichiro Nemoto - 根本純一郎
Height5' 8"
Blood TypeAB
D.O.B.23rd May 1955
Appears inShenmue I

Junichiro Nemoto (Japanese: 根本純一郎) is a businessman who owns Smiley Flower Shop on Dobuita Street, Yokosuka and also a restaurant in Yokohama. Whilst working part-time in college he managed to save one million yen, using that money to buy stocks and the two businesses he owns today. He leaves the running of the flower shop to Yuriko whilst he manages the restaurant. Junichiro chose Yuriko because she was reliable and also because he is attracted to her, and hopes that one day she will be his wife, but he hasn't had the nerve to tell her his real feelings, instead, trying to impress her with his moneymaking successes. Due to his appearance, he is often mistaken for a man in his 40's. He lives in apartment 102 of Wakaba Apartments on Dobuita Street.

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