Kai - 凱
D.O.B.14th March 1929
Blood TypeB
Appears inShenmue II

Kai (Chinese: 凱) is a man who lives in a apartment in the Moon Child Building in the Stand Quarter, Kowloon. For reasons unknown he pretends to be blind, and can often be seen on Dragon Street playing the Chinese violin. This is where Ryo first meets the man although they don't really have much to do with each other until later on, when Ryo is using the Chawan Sign to try and make contact with people who know Yuanda Zhu.

After using the Chawan Sign Ryo gets a letter instructing him to go to what turns out to be Kai's apartment. Here Kai reveals that he isn't in fact blind as he made out when they first met and after their introductions Kai recognises Ryo's surname and asks if he happens to be related to Iwao Hazuki. He's pleased to meet Ryo but obviously devastated to hear that Iwao was murdered, as it turns out, when Iwao travelled to China in his youth, the two of them became friends.

Determined to help Ryo, Kai gives him a new lead and tells him of a way to get inside the Yellow Head Building where they believe Yuanda Zhu is being held. He passes to Ryo a photo of a scout for the Yellow Heads gang who watches people taking part in the street fights around Kowloon to see if there are any promising fighters who can be coerced into joining the gang. If Ryo can impress the scout, he should be shown into the Yellow Head Building.

Additionally, Kai teaches Ryo the special move Predictive Explosion before he leaves on his way. This move relies on the senses other than sight, so perhaps this is why Kai pretends to be blind, so as to fine-tune his other senses.

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