D.O.B.16th October 1986
Appears inShenmue I

This is a young grey tabby kitten who was orphaned on the day of Iwao's death, her mother was run over as the black car sped away from the Hazuki Residence. The kitten has since been living in a box at the Yamanose Shrine and been looked after by the neighbourhood children, in particular Megumi, Nozomi and Ryo (if he chooses). After a few days Megumi asks Ryo what they should name the kitten, and you are given the options of either Mimi, Sasuke, Chibi or Tama, some of these names Megumi doesn't like however.

As the weeks go by the kitten gets stronger and more bold and starts to explore Yamanose, eventually Megumi's mother, who initially would not let Megumi keep the kitten at their home has a change of heart and allows them to keep her.

There is a stray black cat in the area who looks a lot like the kitten and is thought to be her aunt, and also a white cat who also resembles the kitten and is believed to be her father.

It is possible to bring food for the kitten, she can be brought the following items:

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