Kyosuke Nishida

Kyosuke Nishida - 西田恭輔
Kyosuke (left) with Nozomi, being threatened by Enoki
Height4' 1"
Blood TypeA
D.O.B.9th March 1980
Appears inShenmue I

Kyosuke Nishida (Japanese: 西田恭輔) is a somewhat spoilt child who comes to Sakuragaoka often to play. Early in the game Kyosuke is playing with a toy aeroplane when he accidentally hits Akio Enoki with it, but both Nozomi and Ryo come to Kyosuke's aid when Enoki threatens him. He has has an isolated upbringing due to his parents being away from the house for long periods of time during the day for work, which could explain Kyosuke's spoilt nature and lack of manners.

Kyosuke is not related to Kiyoshi Nishida.

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